Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 2010 Distribution Day: SHARE and AngelFood Ministries Food Programs

Today was distribution day for both SHARE Foods and AngelFood Ministries. It is nice when the days coincide. For me the two sites are just a mile or two apart and a whole lot closer than the grocery stores. Today's food cost me $131. For that amount I purchased two deluxe units from SHARE (5 frozen meats, 9 fresh fruits/vegetables per unit) and two Signature units from AngelFood as well as a fruit and veggie box.

When I got home I laid out the food on my table to take pictures (see below). In case the pictures are misleading to the amount of food, the table is eight and a half feet long. I took inventory so I could plan my menus. I had a rough idea as both food programs are online so I can look before ordering day to decide what I want and how much too.

Full Table Shot

Close-Up Shot of Half of the Table
Other Half
The Food List:
2 dozen eggs
2 32-oz shelf stable milk
2 2-lb boxes of spaghetti
2 1-lb bags of white rice
2 1-lb bags of kidney beans
2 5.5-oz packages of pancake mix
2 boxes cornbread stuffing mix
4 bunches green onion
4 6-oz packages radishes
3 heads iceberg lettuce
1 head green cabbage
2 heads of cauliflower
1 pineapple
4 lemons
1 avocado
4 pears
2 1-lb packages of baby carrots
21 plums
1 lb Kiwi
16 Navel oranges
2 dozen apples
1 cantaloupe
1 1-lb carrots
3 lbs yellow onions
3 3-lb bags russet potatoes
1 3-lb bag sweet potatoes
2 1-lb packages frozen corn
2 1-lb packages frozen green beans
2 1-lb. packages frozen peas
2 24-oz packages of French fries
2 8-ct packages of Bean & Cheese Burritos
2 3-lb packages of Splint Chicken Breasts
2 4-ct hamburger patties
2 1-lb packages lean ground beef
2 4-ct packages boneless pork chops
2 1.5-lb packages of popcorn chicken
2 1-lb packages beef sausages
2 1-lb packages meatballs
2 12-oz packages sausage links
2 1-lb packages breaded shrimp
2 1-lb Teriyaki pork tenderloins
2 12-oz packages chicken tenders

When you figure I am feeding 9 people (2 adults, 4 teenager/pre-teen, 3 children), that is a lot of food for little money. I will get 10-14 days of dinners with some food for snacks, breakfast and lunches. $131 is just $14.50 per per person or $1.45 a day figuring 10 days. Even with any extra I might buy to round out the meals, I am feeding my family frugally. Stay tuned for menus!

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gmomof7 said...

It's nice to see what you get! I ordered my first SHARE food package in years the other day for oct. so much easier to do online. I don't think we have an angelfood ministries around here. Oh and it's nice to "see" you again on here.