Friday, September 4, 2009

$75 Challenge Update

I went shopping last (again!). One child needed a birthday for a friend. Another needed something for school. I ran out of yet something else. While there I bought some more food. My exchange student, Jana, volunteered to make dinner for me. She is not much of a cook, but very helpful and kind. She received a recipe from her mother so wanted to make it for us. I had to buy the ingredients we didn't have (or not enough of). What sane mother would pass up the chance to put her feet up and not cook?!

What I purchased for a total of $5.87:
10 lbs russet potatoes -$2.77
Can of Sauerkraut - $.64
Can of Kidney Beans - $.82
2 lbs Carrots - $1.58

I forgot the canned beets (it had been a very long day by the time I got to the store) so that will up the weekly total as well.

Monthly Grocery Bill Total: $ 92.51

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