Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It wasn't until I was putting away the items I used for cooking that I realized I made an oopsie with dinner last night. I made carrot coins as a side dish. They tasted just fine, and dinner was just yummy. Then I cleaned up my kitchen.

I put the large container I have of vanilla extract up wondering who could have gotten that out. Then the light went on. I looked in my cupboard and found the cider vinegar still there. uh-oh. See the recipe calls for cider vinegar, but without thinking I grabbed the vanilla and added that instead. I guess I was on auto-pilot.

It was still good, and no one knew about the goof until later. I guess I found a tweak I am going to make as the carrots were yummy & just sweet enough. Now I look like a genius instead of a wreck of a cook. I will take that.

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