Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kid-Cuisine Vocabulary

This was sent home with my pre-schooler. It gave me a chuckle since I can totally relate to it having children who speak this language.

The article was credited to Vicki Lansky.

Casserole - Favorite foods that go uneaten because they are mixed together.

Cookie (Last One) - An item to be eaten very slowly, in front of a sibling.

Crust - The part of a sandwich saved for the starving chldren of China.

Fat - Microscopic substance detected visually by children on pieces of meat they do not wish to eat.

Fruit - A natural sweet not to be confused with dessert.

Jelly Bean - The only vegetable all kids will eat.

Lollipop - Snack provided by people who don't have to pay your dental bills.

Natural Foods - Food eaten with unwashed hands.

Water - Unpopular beverage consumed in underdeveloped countries.

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