Thursday, April 3, 2008

Breakfast Sandwiches

We don't eat a lot of cold cereal. Let me correct that. We do, but not as breakfast too much. I keep some candy-types jars with scoops on my counter that I try to keep filled with cereal (cheerios, sugary one & granola). I encourage a bowl as a snack more than 3 or 4 as a meal. Then there are those mornings which cereal is what's to eat.

A quick and easy breakfast I make are breakfast sandwiches. If you have a minute to spare and a microwave, you can make these. The varities are numerous too! You can create a flavor and taste of your own.

In the above picture I used Pillsbury Frozen Waffles. They came in my AngelFood Ministries box last month. I do like the slight maple flavor but have used homemade waffles and English Muffins too. I like the sandwiches open-face as the bread portion goes further.

You will need a small microwaveable plastic container for starters. I use a square one for the waffles and a round one for the English Muffins. Spray the inside of the container with non-stick cooking spray. Set aside. In another small bowl beat together one egg and about a teaspoon of milk. Pour into sprayed plastic container. Cook the egg mixture in the microwave for 50 seconds. Remove and dump out egg on to your heated waffle (I have them toasting in the toaster as I am cooking the egg). That's it!

Now other toppings I have used separate or together are sausage patties, bacon strips, slice ham, Canadian bacon, cheese (varity of flavors), tomato slices (good with Swiss cheese and ham), and salsa. Others I can think of are chili, hashbrown patty, vegetables. The possiblities can be endless as your creativity allows.

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